Diamond Baby

My new name is Baron Von Storm and my new band is called
Diamond Baby

Starring Jane Lynch, Juliette Lewis, Verne Troyer, Lemmy Kilmister
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Check out www.diamondbabyband.com

Were live

NAMM 2011: Matt Sorum Interview

www.vintagerock.com - Junkman interviews drummer Matt Sorum (Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver). Special guest cameo from actor and musician John Stamos. NAMM 2011, Anaheim, CA on January 15, 2011.

Pasadena Star-News: School of Rock lives in Pasadena

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The former Guns N' Roses drummer - he's now with Velvet Revolver - was dropping by to unveil a new drum set for the school, and to jam with about 50 eager students.

Inside the auditorium, the atmosphere buzzed with a low-level excitement, rose to a frenetic whisper, then exploded into riotous screams as Sorem entered.

Little Kids Rock, a national nonprofit program aimed at filling gaps in public schools where music and arts funding has been obliterated in the economic crunch, brings celebrities like Sorem to schools to encourage the next generation of artists.

"We're one of the leading organizations for free instruments and music programs," said program coordinator Miranda Altman. "What we do is we get kids improvising, writing songs, performing popular music. These visits are a way to get kids excited about it."

In Pasadena alone, Little Kids Rock serves around 900 students.


Join my new humanitarian music project Global Sound Lodge .org

Hi Friends

This is my new site. It is a humanitarian music project. Our goal is to have this around the world creating a new musical consciousness network ala The Global Sound Lodge. I travel to Haiti June 18th to bring guitars to a refugee camp there along with Partner Lanny Cordola and friend Aaron Cohen who rescues children of Sex Slavery. It will be covered by CNN.

So I urge you to get on the site. You can download stems and write your own part and upload with your own page.

Have fun and let's try and bring some peace and Harmony to the world.
One Note at a time!!!!


Matt Sorum and Lanny Cordola

Find more videos like this on Global Sound Lodge

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Wired.com Review of a movie I was in "The Heart Is a Drum Machine"

What is music? It’s a simple question, but it leads director Christopher Pomerenke in many complicated artistic and scientific directions in his documentary The Heart Is a Drum Machine, out Tuesday on DVD.

It’s an expansive, inviting film, which embraces everything from Voyager’s Golden Record and aboriginal funeral chants to brain-music therapy and pop music branding. Along the way, Pomerenke’s mostly unassuming movie is enhanced by interviews with artists, scientists and others deeply invested in charting the pathways of the heart, the prenatal vibration that establishes our musical universe, as well as the mind that modifies those vibrations into meaning.

Read More http://www.wired.com/underwire/2010/03/review-heart-is-a-drum-machine/#ixzz0hv1o9rJJ