Vegas Hilton Darling Stilettos and me

Need everyone to come out to Vegas Darling Stilettos And me on drums at the Vegas Hilton 8pm in THe Barry Manilow theater
January 2nd 2010

Rockin Malibu

Hey Friends More photos from a killer jam with Freddy After the John Varvatos gig had dinner with friends John n Joyce Varvatos and Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford. Headed out to the gig and jammed with the Pistols, Jonesy and Cooky, Duff, Corey of Slipknot and yes..... Paul Stanley of Kiss Jammed Strutter so cool, first band i ever saw. so another rock n roll dream come true





latest update

Hey All,
Well haven't posted in awhile, as you can see busy as usual Been working on various projects, SorumNoce party went down cool Darling Stilettos performed. Then did Rocknight at LE Duex w Stilettos again and killed it. Joined by my friend Jason Bonham in the audience. I get the inside scoop about Zep stuff from him. But sorry cant say here, I promised you know. . Also back in the studio next week for more VR demo tracking. Starting to get songs together for when that singer comes along. Big audition next week for singer front person for Stilettos. Have a track in the can and ready to go with that. So that should be fun. Have over a hundred girls that signed up just today. My brother Dave is getting married this weekend in Pennslyvania So off to the eastcoast
Rock on friends,




Jammin With Sammy Hagar and Mike Anthony

Rock n Roll is alive and well!!!
Man just got back from San Fran jammin with Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony for a new song for Sammys upcoming solo record. I gotta tell you Sam And Mike are two of the nicest and coolest guys in Rock n Roll. And Sam always takes great care of us. Picked us up on a private jet!! ( must be sellin alot of tequila) and put us in a nice spot for a couple days Fun times man. Playin music laughin and having a great time. Thats what its all about right??? I will post some video to show you his new studio and the vibe.
Much love, Matt





SorumNoce Grand opening

hey all,
Had The Big Grand Opening party for SorumNoce. Had an amazing turnout. Around 400 people I'm sure. Guests included Billy Duffy, Duff McKagan and wife Susan Chris Wyse and Johnny Tempesta (The Cult rythmn section) Michael Wincott, Mark McGrath, Sex Pistol Paul Cook and wife Jen Rock n Republic owner Michael Ball,Stevie Salas (Mick jagger, Rod Stewart) Legendary rock photographer Jim Marshall, oh and The take home chef Curtis Stone My Mom and many, many close friends.
Billy Morrison DJed while I showed a rock n roll movie cut by Damon Kidwell
Thanks all for comin out
go to for photos


more Freddy pics

Hey Just got some more pics from the gigs last couple of week The map gig with Steven Tyler and Chester Bennington
and the Roxy gigs






Steven Tyler, Robin Zander and Freddy Honor Slash and Alice Cooper

Oh Man People life is Crazy,
Friday night played the Map Honors for Slash and Alice Cooper. Rehearsed that afternoon. Steven Tyler came down as did Robin Zander from Cheap Trick. Billy Duffy, Jerry Cantrell , Duff , Wayne Kramer and Morrison on guitars along with Slash. We played Surrender, Goina To Raise Hell with Robin. He is so good, what a singer. Eighteen with Chester Bennington. My favorite young singer right now. Super cool attitude too. And then the great Steven Tyler blew the place away with Mama Kin and the finale Whole Lotta Love. Wow man sometimes i just have to pinch myself. I am the luckiest guy on this planet man!!!!!! Congrats my man Slash and the Great Alice Cooper who came out and rocked the house with Billion Dollar Babies, Schools Out and more.
Wish you could have been there,
Love Live Rock n Roll,