Darling Stilettos first photoshoot

Hello friends,
Happy to say Darling Stilettos have done their first photoshoot with photographer Chris Callaway. Chris is super talented and the girls look great. They are playing Metalskool tomorrow at Key Club and Roxy every thursday this month. the photos will be coming soon.
Matt N Ace


Aces BDay with May Anderson, the band McQueen and my friend Tom Zutaut

Goodtimes at Matt and Aces house,
Ace turned 24 on the 20th of April, had a little party BBQ Friends included Duff McKagan, Jerry Cantrell ,photographer Davis Factor, Actor Michael Wincott ,Model May Anderson, Bloody Social, actress January Jones, club promotor Tommy Alastra, All girl band McQueen and Guns n Roses [email protected] man Tom Zutaut.
Pictured below are Aces cake, May and Ace the band McQueen, me and Tom Tom with my GNR Michael Jackson MTV award that Axl didnt want.





Darling Stilettos rehearse

Caught a rehearsal of Darling Stilettos today took some casual shots and shot some video coming soon. from left to right standing are Lindsey, Megan, Jersey, Ace and Gina
Get ready for The Darling Stilettos
Matt and Ace




On the Town

Went out lastnight with my boys from Bloody Social pictured are Tommy Alastra, Me, Dan, Jamie Burke and Jamie Biden at British GQ party, then after hit a club and ran in to Paul Oakenfold and Dean may



Bloody Social at Drac studios

Rock n Roll my friends,
Having a great time recording a new young band called Bloody Social at my studio named after my late great Black Lab Drac. These guys are from New York and Rock there asses off. Really excited about their music And hope you will be too. We are recording a 3 song demo to go get them a deal. Jamie Burke is the singer and reminds me of a cross between Axl, Ian Astbury and Morrison, Great voice and presence. Guitarist Jamie Biden has the old school retro sensibilities with a modern flair. Bassist Jimmy is an animal who attacks the bass and drummer Drew is cool like most drummers are. HAHA with great feel and swing. They are all open and easy to work. I am at The helm producing and engineering and working with me is long time friend Mark Jordon. Thanks Mark They will go far watch out for them. If anyone is in the LA area they are playing 11pm at The Viper Room the 17th of April
Rock on






Pool Party

Alright people,
Nice weather in LA last few days, so been BBQing and rockin with The Band Bloody Social. Here's a few shots to give you an idea.






Bloody Social Rock With Sorum

Alright People,
Had A great night tonight. Welcomed the band Bloody Social to LA by having a dinner party at my pad. Beautiful night out, BBQed and played some music. Start in the studio with them tomorrow and am working with them all week. Cant wait for u all to hear it. My girl Ace brought some of her hot girlfriends over to make the party complete. My buddy Mark cooked and a good time was had by all.




HAHAHA Bazzz SorumNoce full tilt Boogie

Hey Guys,
Someone sent me the pic below on my myspace page. pretty funny, this was Scotts pic for new singer. Anyway good to be back home. Been hanging At my new store. Biz is good selling lots of stuff, please come by if in the area. Will be offering shirts i can sign if I'm around if you can't afford the leather and stuff. Also will have e-commerce very soon on Sorumnoce. But for now look at the site and email [email protected] and my partner Max can hook u up and get u prices send the stuff fedex or whatever. On a VR note will be getting in the studio tuesday to jam we are not wasting any time on the band. Want to get Rockin"
Lets do It and Kick some ASS


Thank U VR Crew, Goodbye Scott

Hey Friends, Want to give a very special thanks to our amazing crew, These are the guys and girl that work there asses off bouncing around on a tour bus then getting up after no sleep to set up all the gear, get the dressing rooms ready, food for the crew and band etc etc. Hard working dedicated people who love the traveling rock n roll show. They are the foundation of Velvet Revolver. Love U guys!!!! And as you all know by now it was our last show with Scott Weiland It was great to be in the UK and Europe playing for all you great fans. Thank you for your support as well as your passion. you people go crazy and we love it. Took some pictures with my girl In Amsterdam before we left for the airport today. Feeling good about the future. Going to get back to work right away on some new music and hope to have exciting news soon.
As for Scott I wish him well.
Stay Tuned!!!!!!
Love, Matt