Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-10-14

  • Dug the Saturday Night live Muse 1st song Madness second song a little close to Stevie Wonder for me. Kids go … #
  • Havent heard themRT @allamericangrl8: @mattsorum What do you think of @carrieunderwood's @gunsnroses covers? 🙂 #
  • Thank u kiss Joey for meRT @MrsKramedog: ck out this pic of my hubby's good friend @mattsorum @aceharper beautiful … #
  • Great day in the studio recording Hollis, new artist #
  • RT @Scottlipps: My new custom built @Sjcdrums @courtneylovereal @Holerock @shawnhole Thanks guys!!!! … #
  • We rock the opening night at Cabo for Sammy Hagars Bday bash #
  • Hagar, santriana , Anthony , Vic , Carmassi n me #
  • Sam did a Bunch of Montrose w Carmassi which was killer #
  • In Cabo , Bummed about the Dolphin exhibit here, watch a doc called The Cove
    And you'll see how they are trapped #
  • Watch dolphins in their own habitat. The Sea you don't have to ride them
    These are intelligent creatures #
  • The truth about the life of Dolphins in captivity #

  • This is your dolphin rideRT @Daniela_Paz__: @mattsorum Look at this: Taiji: Third captive dolphin being place in … #
  • Dolphins live 90 days to 2 yrs in captivity and 45 years in their home "The Sea" #
  • One Dolphin sells to people like Seaworld up to 100k, Hunts like In Taiija keep young and kill the old.
    Stop going … #
  • One Dolphins sells to Seaworld for 100k hunts in Taiji keep the young and kill the old. Stop going to dolphin shows and the hunts will stop. #
  • This guitar will be up for auction @adoptthearts santriana, hagar, Anthony #
  • Killer jam at Cabo me and Hagar, Santriani, Anthony #