Motorhead Rules

Have been touring with Motorhead on drums for the last 2 weeks. It has been the most amazing tour I have ever done. Lemmy text me about a week before the beginning of their tour and ask if I could fill in. I was truely honored and overwhelmed at the same time. I was in the middle of moving which as we all know is the worst. But how could I say no. This gig is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I called Lemmy back and said yes and asked when we would rehearse. He said we could do a soundcheck in Washington DC at the 930 club. I felt some anxiety about it but was still very up for the challenge. Mikkey Dee is an amazing drummer with a lot of chops and a double bass drum master. So big shoes to fill in that department. I have had some experience with double bass, but it has never been at the forefront of my playing. Once again a challenge. Motorhead songs are agressive and require power, chops and especially stamina. Being off the road for awhile I had to make sure my energy level was in top form. Being a little older now its not as much about drinking 2 shots backed by 2 beers before hitting the stage. Its more like make sure I’m rested and healthy and ready to rock period. Also not to let any Motorhead fans down who are the mainstay of Motorhead and the most important thing to Lemmy and Phil. I did my homework by watching Videos and learning all the songs with keeping in mind the integrity of the songs. Listening to Mikkeys versions as well as Philthy Phil Taylor who was a much different drummer than Mikkey. And to respect the songs as well as put some of my own flair on them. 8 gigs in I have to say the blisters are healed and the band is sounding great now. Had great shows along the way and met a lot of cool people. I very much appreciate all the support from the Motorhead fans and the band and crew of Motorhead. RockNRoll is alive and well in the USA
Rock On!!!