Thank U VR Crew, Goodbye Scott

Hey Friends, Want to give a very special thanks to our amazing crew, These are the guys and girl that work there asses off bouncing around on a tour bus then getting up after no sleep to set up all the gear, get the dressing rooms ready, food for the crew and band etc etc. Hard working dedicated people who love the traveling rock n roll show. They are the foundation of Velvet Revolver. Love U guys!!!! And as you all know by now it was our last show with Scott Weiland It was great to be in the UK and Europe playing for all you great fans. Thank you for your support as well as your passion. you people go crazy and we love it. Took some pictures with my girl In Amsterdam before we left for the airport today. Feeling good about the future. Going to get back to work right away on some new music and hope to have exciting news soon.
As for Scott I wish him well.
Stay Tuned!!!!!!
Love, Matt