Hollywood Vampires Grammys

Hi all,
Had a an amazing time playing the Grammys with Hollywood Vampires , we were already slated to play before Lemmy Kilmister’s passing and it was amazing we were able to include a tribute to his legacy .
Need to thank all in the Motorhead family for helping with Lemmys gear for the show .
Also thank you Dave Grohl for the amazing intro . It’s a dream for me to play with my Heroes Joe Perry and Alice Cooper , as well as being onstage with the coolest dude Johnny Depp who co-wrote the original we played "Bad As I Am" , we recorded the song at JDs studio engineered and mixed by JDs longtime collaborator Bruce Witkin . Lemmy was originally going to possibly sing on the song that we recorded back in early fall.
So the song made sense to play along with the fact that it was a phrase Johnny picked up from his late step-father as a toast to life if you will." As Good as you are Bad as I Am ".
Cheers to the Vampires and all that worked so hard to get us there .