Matt n Ace visit the Crazy Pig

Hey Everybody,
Been in London for a few days. Played Brixton Academy two nights and play down in Brighton today. It has been fun, really love London. We love going shopping here. Ace loves all the designers, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen. We cruised down to a place called the Crazy Pig yesterday. It is an amazing jewelry shop that has been around forever. The guy that runs it was the original guy at a place called Great frog where I met him in the late eighties. I went to the shop with the late great Randy Castillo and Zakk Wilde who were in Ozzy’s band at the time. I was playing in The Cult and living in London in an area called Swiss Cottage and Ozzy was at my hotel. We got into all shorts of trouble together mainly alot of drinking and rock n roll craziness. Anyway Randy always had the coolest jewelry , Skull rings and awesome wallet chains etc. Crazy pig did the original Keith Richards skull and his bracelet as well. also Ozzy, Ian Astbury, James Hettfeld etc. So in picked up a skull ring for myself and a smaller matching one for Ace. I have had a couple in my lifetime and lost them. This one is marked lucky number 7 inside. A limited edition yearly. So if you skull fans,Keith fans this is the original If you’re in London stop by. Its at 38 Short’s Garden, Covent Garden area. Also dont forget when you’re in LA come by SorumNoce 85681/4 Melrose We have my line of cloths as well as jewelry and photography.
have Fun, Matt