Hangin backstage with Mr. Robert Plant

Hey friends,
After the last couple of days, and all the craziness Had a really cool surprise, Robert Plant came into our dressing room and we had a nice sit down with him for a least an hour. Its so weird, even though here I am playing in bands for all these years and meeting so many famous musicians and people. This was really a highlight. What a great guy. Have met him before when I was with the Cult. He came to a show at Manchester Apollo. As well as last time with VR there. Tonight was just cool and more intimate I guess We just shot the shit. A few road stories and he told me he wrote Black Country Woman about a girl that was from the area we were playing in called Wolverhampton. Wow, trivia from the man himself. His son was in the opening band and Dad was playing roadie for the night. The band is called Aura and they were young and rockin. Very blues based alot like Zep. Also on the bill is Scott Ians band with his girl Pearl, another kid of rockstar Meatloaf. Awesome singer and great performer. Cool to hang with Scott , good friend and cool dude. So pretty cool night all in all. Got more good news from LA after getting on the bus on the way back to Birmingham. Mike Inez from Alice in Chains went in my new clothing store and bought one of my leather jackets. Like I said Keepin the Rock alive and very well.
I’ll keep u posted my friends, Matt