Glasgow gig

Hey all you great Fans,

So last night was interesting. Had a little band turmoil on stage as you probably all could tell. Being in a band is a lot like being in a relationship. Sometimes you just don't get along. I guess there has been more turmoil lately I guess with the cancellations and all.

It has been frustrating I am not going to lie. My career and life in Rock n Roll has come with its ups and downs. Unfortunatly some people in this business don't realize how great of a life they have. Touring the world, meeting great people and fans all over the world. And just playing music for a living. I feel truly blessed. But sometimes the road can be draining for some, being away from home and family does grind on you sometimes. With all the traveling and different beds. Personally I Love this Shit and sometimes can't believe I am so lucky to still be doing what I do for a living.

Everybody could see who was unhappy lastnight but all I can say is Let's keep the Rock alive people!!!! In this life u just pick up and keep moving. And don't ever let anybody stand in your way. The TRUTH Rock On!!!!!!


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Thanks Manchester, Liverpool n Leeds

Hey Rockers, Having a great time on this UK tour so far Except if I eat anymore Chicken Tiki I am going to burst. Great gigs and fans. Thanks and cheers, Matt Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

duff airport

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Hey all, Just woke up here in Dubai, feelin a little jetlag I guess because its only 4am. Exactly 12hrs ahead of LA time. I should have been asleep while we were onstage lastnight being that it would have been 8am LA time verses 8pm here. All wacky man. But had a cool show, nice to be rockin again. Didn't really rehearse much. I like that though keeps it fresh and exciting for us. Thank God I still have a pretty good memory after all the crazy party times and lifestyle I have had over the years. HaHa Anyway didn't get to see much here have to leave in a couple of hrs for Dublin. It is going to cool to be there again. Have a day off then rehearsal. Keep ya posted. Matt Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

Dubai and New Sorum Noce Store

Hey Everyone, On my way to Dubai. VR is doing a festival there with The Muse which is a band I really like. Really great musicians.

Worked all of Feb getting the new SorumNoce store ready. My partner Max Noce is finishing things up and should be ready to open the doors on May 15th. Once again the address is 8568 1/4 Melrose Ave. LA, CA 90069 Did all the design of the store myself along with my partner Max. Went for a modern Victorian design. Chandeliers with custom made furniture. I am making and selling furniture as well. We will post some pictures on very soon. We also have two great jewelry designers. Pieces of Eight and Archangel. You can go to there sites and check out there stuff as well. And if that isn't enough have beautiful Black and white original photography pieces by the Great Jim Marshall. Famous for his 60s and 70s portraits of great iconic Rockstars like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and The Stones. I have 12 pieces as of now framed and offered for 1800 dollars unframed and 2000 frame. So beautiful I want to keep them all myself.

I will be touring for about three weeks. Hitting Dublin Ireland after Dubai followed by a cool England and Scotland run. I believe we finish up in Amsterdam. Scott is healthy again and ready to rock, so should be back in the saddle starting tomorrow. I am sitting in the Franfurt airport writing this on my Curve which my very bright web guy JJ Set up for me to post from abroad. Also to report had breakfast with Lars Ulrich before jumping on the plane. He is in LA finishing up the new Mettalica record with Rick Rubin. Very excited about that. I heard some and it is going to be sick. Lars is in great shape and I believe they are going to be back on top once again. Anyway think that is all for now. Will try and get some shots from Dubai to post in the next few days. Enjoy, Matt
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