Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-10-14

  • Dug the Saturday Night live Muse 1st song Madness second song a little close to Stevie Wonder for me. Kids go ... #
  • Havent heard themRT @allamericangrl8: @mattsorum What do you think of @carrieunderwood's @gunsnroses covers? :) #
  • Thank u kiss Joey for meRT @MrsKramedog: ck out this pic of my hubby's good friend @mattsorum @aceharper beautiful ... #
  • Great day in the studio recording Hollis, new artist #
  • RT @Scottlipps: My new custom built @Sjcdrums @courtneylovereal @Holerock @shawnhole Thanks guys!!!! ... #
  • We rock the opening night at Cabo for Sammy Hagars Bday bash #
  • Hagar, santriana , Anthony , Vic , Carmassi n me #
  • Sam did a Bunch of Montrose w Carmassi which was killer #
  • In Cabo , Bummed about the Dolphin exhibit here, watch a doc called The Cove
    And you'll see how they are trapped #
  • Watch dolphins in their own habitat. The Sea you don't have to ride them
    These are intelligent creatures #
  • The truth about the life of Dolphins in captivity #

  • This is your dolphin rideRT @Daniela_Paz__: @mattsorum Look at this: Taiji: Third captive dolphin being place in ... #
  • Dolphins live 90 days to 2 yrs in captivity and 45 years in their home "The Sea" #
  • One Dolphin sells to people like Seaworld up to 100k, Hunts like In Taiija keep young and kill the old.
    Stop going ... #
  • One Dolphins sells to Seaworld for 100k hunts in Taiji keep the young and kill the old. Stop going to dolphin shows and the hunts will stop. #
  • This guitar will be up for auction @adoptthearts santriana, hagar, Anthony #
  • Killer jam at Cabo me and Hagar, Santriani, Anthony #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-30

    Trailer for the tribute to Deep Purple my new lineup Kings Of Chaos is on #
  • California spends 6x more incarcerating a prisoner that educating a child.
    If they keep cutting programs this will ... #
  • That's roughly 50k per prisoner 8600 per student. Educate don't incarcerate @adoptthearts #
  • We need prison reform for nonviolent offenders. In the world we are 5 percent of the population . With 25 percent ... #
  • We fight for the kids, that can't fight for themselves. @adoptthearts #
  • The kids didn't cause all the problems ,
    The adults did..... @adoptthearts #
  • Its your taxes we have to take a standRT @TheXclass: It's really a choice @mattsorum If we don't invest in ... #
  • Don't you want to know where your money is going ?? Send your tax deductible donation to we are a 501c3 @adoptthearts #
  • I am an official endorser of @monsterproducts check out their gear
    Killer #
  • I remember it well RT @OneGunRanch: Beautiful early fall day at One Gun Ranch! #
  • I thought Billy Joe Armstrongs Rant was the most punk rock thing he has ever done. Then he had to go and ruin it by ... #
  • Rock N Roll = No Rules #
  • Thank u MI RT @MIHollywood: Big thanks to @mattsorum who held his audition for Darling Stilettos here yesterday and ... #
  • Not a classy business trust me RT @Tola_o: @mattsorum Kicking a man when he's down? Not classy. #
  • Sorry to hurt ur feelings just my opinion ive played with Iggy hes a punk rock front for real RT @MattRamz23: ... #
  • Time to get back to a positive world
    Not the competitive world of the music business where everyone is ready to ... #
  • Its like a new diseaseRT @allamericangrl8: -_- People who diss @mattsorum <<<<<<<<<<<<< #
  • They feed you Kesha and Green Day like they feed you Cornflakes #
  • If Its their band , management works for them not the other way aroundRT @LukaStjimmy: hey @mattsorum, @bjaofficial ... #
  • Not better just different its a human thing RT @MattRamz23: @mattsorum i dont want you to think i dont respect you, ... #
  • We didnt choose who inducted us RT @absentdealer: @mattsorum i agree with you about kesha and green day, but you ... #
  • Now thats funnyRT @ronjamesQB: @mattsorum how can you diss one of the greatest frontmen in rock history everyone ... #
  • No I am honoring the legacy , but that was punk rock of Axl and the Sex Pistols ever heard of the Pistols ? @MattRamz23 #
  • Yes I'm afraid it's been the end of an era for awhile. You can thank Livenation and clear channel for that. Proud ... #
  • The 90s was the beginning of the death of great rockstars Grunge happened RT @Liana_Nieves: @ronjamesQB @mattsorum ... #
  • Why? Because people are behind a wall called the Internet. faceless and disrespectful RT @49ergirl24: @mattsorum ... #
  • Thats not what i said is it?RT @Liana_Nieves: @mattsorum lol i happen 2 like grunge. :-) #
  • I didnt say that i said it was the death of rockstars RT @ronjamesQB: @mattsorum so you have no respect for the bands after the 90's #
  • I don't mind the debate you guys
    Its all personal opinion.
    Some people do need to be educated
    Though #
  • Bands are more worried about how to market themselves than writing great records. Buying songs individually is the ... #
  • Would Jim Morrison or would Jimi Hendrix have been on twitter?
    Doubt it #
  • This is the modern backstage pass to converse with artists and luminaries
    A super human stew for the masses #
  • Don't get me wrong I love Billie
    Just was bummed he apologized
    I liked the rant that's all.
    Reminded me of the Ol ... #
  • To bad the business is all a monopoly and run by the man, and you have to answer his command , it's all politics #
  • I like opinions on my profile not name calling , I never slagged Billie I just had an opinion of the situation. An observation if you will. #
  • It's all good today , happy to be alive
    Having a conversation with this wild wacky world . Have a killer weekend #
  • Heading to @littlekidsrock San Fran w @adoptthearts more music for the kids #
  • Opinion does equal Slag #
  • Opinion doesn't equal slag #
  • "Music is your only friend till the end"

    Jim Morrison #

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