A Big Birthday

Yep its happenin I’m turning 50. How am I feelin about it?? I’m alright. I’m actually surprise I made it this far. Had many close calls and have had quite a life up to now. I have mellowed a lot in the last couple of years and things seem to be easier somehow. I don’t sweat the small stuff I quess.
I have done so many things and traveled so many places and have met so many great people in my travels.
Have I made mistakes ??
Plenty…but at this phase of my life I feel like resentments and feelings I held when I was younger for situations I was in at the time seem so minuscule now. Let Bygones be bygones if you know what I mean.
A lot of it is like watching somebody elses movie. Like the GNR years . Feels like another lifetime. And how I was then is so removed from who I am now. Gratitude is where I am at. The fact that I have lived my dreams that have gone far beyond my expectations. There is nothing that life can hand me I can’t handle at this point. It wasn’t always easy. But knowing that I am always grounded. And did have moments when I wasn’t when I was younger.
So that being said I look forward to what the future holds. Life is more exciting than ever.
50 and ready to rock



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  • Keith More
    November 13, 2010 at 6:50 pm  - Reply

    Hi Matt,
    Happy birthday…I turned 50 on the 9th Nov 2010 and I share your fellings about life at 50. I’m a musician too. I did the big session thing in the 80s playing on loads of British hits and in the 90s, toured wit Asia, Fish ,John Wetton and was a special guest with Joe Satriani on the 97 G3 tour on the back of my Guitar Stories album (I think Slash was into it too). You can check me out on youtube. I think it”s Keith More warm up. I’ve also got about 80 tracks with Felt Library music.
    I love your drum sound on Contraband and have been an Andy Wallace fan forever. Over the last 10 years or so I’ve dedicated my life to mixing and that’s exactly the kit sound and kick “oinch” that I go for…SSL G Series rules!!! I was also amazed that you’ve got a trident desk…Me too (Just an 8-4-2 Fleximix though) Anyway, congrats again on turning 50 and keep on rockin’

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